Tips for Hosting an Outdoor Spring Dinner Party
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Tips for Hosting an Outdoor Spring Dinner Party


Tips for Hosting an Outdoor Spring Dinner Party

Set a Color Scheme
When it comes to adding color, it’s best to work with the same hues found in the outdoor surrounding elements. To set a table for spring, keep in mind that yellowy greens, deep pinks, and corals fit the season, but are best used when toned down by a neutral. Gold, bronze, and mossy greens can be used for an earthy outdoor vibe.

Set Your Table
Pairing fresh floral arrangements with dinnerware that are pastels or have botanical patterns create a beautiful spring-inspired outdoor table setting. Since spring is also associated with soft, cool colors, try an overall muted palette accented with bold pops of saturated pink tones.

Mixed Metal and Clear Vases
An excellent way elegance to a spring event is by incorporating metallic accents. Brass and pewter featuring around clean, white china is a great look. A more monochromatic look can be achieved by layering one particular metallic in different finishes. Floral arrangements, drink carafes – depending on which vase or carafe you choose, the setting can appear either formal or casual. Simple glass is always best as a non-compete with the items around it.

Light Fare and Specialty Drinks
Springtime brunches and dinner parties are meant to be light and airy. Almost whimsical. To compliment your décor, make sure to choose a menu that is light. Salads, fruits and cheeses, gazpacho, anything that will not sink into your guests’ stomachs. The same goes for a signature cocktail. Leave behind the heavy reds and go for cocktails that are
fruit juice or seltzer based with splashes of citron. Accent with garnishes like mint or basil.

Sun Exposure
Before setting a time for your event, be sure to take into consideration the positioning of the sun in relation to your outdoor space. Too much shade may cause the area to become too chilly. Conversely, spaces which receive too much sun can cause guests to overheat and also have a negative effect on cold food and drink.