Angela Casey

Director of Communications

Meet Angela

Angela’s way with words is unmatched.

The Communications Director for John Eric + Trevor Moore, Angela Casey oversees the team’s presence in conversations big and small. Her expertise informs the JE+TM marketing, advertising, and media plans, along with a variety of sponsorships and events. She also plays a critical role in the award-winning John Eric Home magazine as Managing Editor.

Angela’s communications experience is diverse and nuanced, touching communities around the world. She’s served as a consultant to Washington DC area law firms, public relations firms, and non-profit teams, in addition to public relations work with the National Gallery of Art and advertising at The Washington Post.

No communications project is too technical for Angela: she’s worked on a wide variety of translations, website builds, and business marketing consultations.

Internationally traveled & educated, Angela holds a Master’s Degree from the University of Leeds in Chinese Studies and a Bachelor of Arts in East Asian Studies from the George Washington University. She’s made her home in Asia, Europe and across the United States – you never know where you’ll find her next!