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Moving To DC
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Reason #1

Job Market

The DC region’s job market is red hot and a top destination for companies looking to relocate or expand. Companies like Northrup Grumman, Nestle and Hilton Hotels & Resorts have all relocated their corporate headquarters to our region, bringing along tens of thousands of jobs. The Washington region also has the second highest concentration of tech workers outside of Silicon Valley and is the new home to Amazon’s HQ2. Facebook (Meta), Apple and Microsoft are rapidly expanding in our region along with local powerhouses Marriott and Capitol One. From biotech to medical, legal to tech, hospitality to tele-communications and financial to nonprofits, Washington’s economy is diversified and healthy and the future looks bright with the expected continued growth.

Reason #2

Real Estate

The DC region’s real estate market is strong, vibrant and offers a range of pricing and housing. Residents get so much more for their money in the DC region than many other coastal cities. Even in national downturns, the DC region’s real estate market has remained resilient. As the nation’s capital, Washington, DC has always benefitted from an inward stream instead of an outward push. In the past decade alone, the area has grown over 13% and its growth continues. Our region offers housing across the spectrum... single family, townhomes and condos, at all price points and in all architectural styles.

Reason #3

Lower Taxes

Lower taxes are on the minds of many relocating residents who want to call the DC region home. Whether choosing DC, Virginia or Maryland, one thing is certain – taxes are a whole lot lower than other coastal areas, such as California or New York. In our region, you’re able to make more and keep more of your money.

Reason #4


The Washington, DC region has some of the best educational opportunities in the country. Our public-school districts are consistently at the top of national rankings. Nationally acclaimed private schools like Sidwell Friends and Holton Arms educate the children of senators and presidents. The powerhouse universities in our region are some of the finest in the world. Johns Hopkins University, Georgetown University, The George Washington University and Howard are but a few. Learning excels throughout the region.

Reason #5

Quality of Life

It has always been said the Washington is a big city with a small-town feel. Neighbors know each other. Children grow up in true neighborhoods. It’s easy to get around and there are abundant shops, restaurants and businesses which create a lifestyle of convenience. It is an affordable place to live compared to many other major U.S cities. And although it is considered a “big” city, there are numerous parks, walking trails and bike paths found throughout the region. Residents are fit, so much so that Arlington is consistently ranked as the healthiest community in the United States. There is no better region of the country to have it all.

Reason #6


So many people think of New York as the East Coast’s cultural hub, but our region easily competes with the Big Apple. A thriving network of embassies and global institutions host cultural exhibitions enjoyed by Washingtonians. The best museum system in the world – The Smithsonian Institution – is free for everyone and offers numerous exhibitions and programs throughout the year. Smaller museums range from art and science to the art of spying. Adding to all of that, festivals are thrown throughout the city ranging from jazz to food to folklife. You name it, our region has it.

Reason #7


Long gone is the District’s reputation of being a “steak, red wine power dinner” town. It is now a bona fide foodie town. Today, Washington, DC has 23 Michelin-starred restaurants, five of which were given their stars in 2021. It also has the distinction of having a wide variety of both international and American food choices given the population that has chosen to call this area home. Craving pupusas or jerk chicken? It’s here. Want Maryland crab cakes, southern fried chicken or Maine lobster rolls? Got it. Farm to table, be ready to be surprised. For those arriving to Washington, DC, get ready for an abundance of choices, styles and menus. Meat and potatoes are still around, but low on the list.

Reason #8

Sports and Entertainment

The Washington region is home to seven professional sports teams. There’s always one for which to cheer. Whether you’re a baseball fan (Nationals), a football fanatic (Washington Football Team), a hockey enthusiast (Capitals), a basketball buff (Wizards and Mystics), or a soccer fiend (DC United and Spirit), there’s always a game to catch.

However, our region’s entertainment factor doesn’t begin and end with sports. There are numerous venues to enjoy theater and music. The Kennedy Center, of course, is one of the top global performing arts centers, but there are also amazing smaller venues such as Ford’s Theater (yes, that Ford’s Theater), the Warner Theater, the National Theater, Atlas Performing Arts Center and the Arena Stage. The Capital One Arena hosts headlining concerts year-round, while amphitheaters such as Merriweather Post, Jiffy Lube Live and Wolf Trap Center for the Performing Arts add to the amazing offerings in the area.

Reason #9


The Washington, DC region has perfect accessibility to all points north and south. Be it Boston, New York, Philadelphia, Richmond or points further south – the distances are manageable. They are easy to drive and, of course, to fly. Servicing the region are three international airports. Plus, in many areas, there is the ability to lead a car-free lifestyle. Our public transportation can’t be beat, and with so many accessible and protected bike lanes, many Washingtonians pedal to and from work.

Reason #10


The neighborhoods in the region create a brilliant tapestry of culture and diversity. Well-heeled enclaves such as Kalorama, hip centers such as NoMa, quiet, yet trendy, hamlets such as Arlington and traditional neighborhoods such as Woodley Park seamlessly form to create the larger being. But these neighborhoods are not just important because of their uniqueness, more powerful is the sense of community that they bring to those who live there. Whatever one’s style, taste or vibe, there is a home in Washington.

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